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January 23, 2011


Miss Lindy J

Awesome! Finally! Cards! Hahaha! a
And the 14 cards for everyday til valentines day seems like a pretty good idea! I was wondering why you were telling such a long story about a printer but congrats! Hahaha I originally wanted a small one but the mister got me a regular sized one anyways. Must post my layout soon!

Jennifer Lan

hahaha! The 14 cards a day was supposed to be like a little note everyday, kind of like a "One thing I love about you" on a small 3x3 card. Up until the actual day which would be a regular size card, with a summary of whatever. (I actually forgot what I was going to type! hahah!)

And yes! I was writing it and was like "Hmm.. people are going to think it's weird that I'm talking about a printer! It'll seem like it's my first time getting one! hahah! That means I can go through my 2005 photos and print them all out! LOL JK. I don't have a lot of pics, especially from your camera.. *hint hint* ;P

Post your layout already, woman!


hahaha I'm not sure what my BF would think
If I gave him 14 cards lol

They do look very cute though! ;)

Miss Lindy J

little 3x3 cards with reasons why I love him sound a lot better than a2 sized cards with a little letter in them!

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