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February 22, 2011


Miss Lindy J

I was expecting everything polka dotted hahahaha! can't wait to see them.

Jennifer Lan

haha! I wanted to! But I didn't have brown polka dots paper! Boo... haha.

Miss Lindy J

but you do have a white gel pen! btw I want a beanie with bunny ears and flaps ;)

Jennifer Lan

I actually did go back and used the white pen and did stitches.. super cute! hahaha.

I can do the beanie with bunny ears and flaps.. if you supply the yarn! haha. I would just need the main color(s), unless you don't want stripes, or if you do and don't want the colors I have: pink, green, purple, dark blue, blue, red, black, light brown.


A D O R A B L E ! ! !

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